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If you are interested in joining , Please note there are two Divisions of the Airline, Channel Cargo, Speaks for itself & Channel Express which is the passenger division.


If you could state your prefrences  ie Freight or Passenger flights, That would be great..

Please read the Recruitment Guidelines below... 


 Recruitment guidelines


Our policy is as follows, New pilot,s are expected to fly atleast 3 flights within the 

1st 14 Days after  joining the Airline, If a pilot fails to abide to this policy,

The pilot  in question will be contacted and be asked to provide a reason why they failed to carry out this simple task, If no acceptable reason is given the pilot will be removed  from the pilot roster with immediate effect.

Re-application will be reconsidered after 2 weeks .


Once these flights have been completed however, a pilot can then fly as little or as often as they wish.

Unlike other VA,s, We do accept that sometimes real life has to be a priority.


Please use the email  Address below.





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