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                                      Channel  Cargo Mail Flights

Here can be found all the Mail flights, These flights are carried out

on behalf of the Royal Mail from Several differant locations using a fleet of

Boeing 737-300 & BAE 146-300. Freighter Aircraft.


 Flight No     Depart          Time            Dest         Time              A/C Type       Days Flown
LXS 02A        EGSS         20:50          EGAA       22:10          BAE 146-300       1-2-3-4-5
LXS 02B        EGAA        22:50          EGSS        00:05             G-FLTE     
LXS 02C        EGSS         00:45          EGAA       02:00                                          
LXS 02D        EGAA        02:25          EGSS        03:20

Flight No      Depart        Time            Dest           Time            A/C Type         Days Flown
LXS 03E      EGTE          23:30          EGSS          00:25            B 737-300F       1-2-3-4-5    
LXS 03F      EGSS           01:10          EGTE         02:10             G-CELN


Flight No    Depart         Time             Dest           Time           A/C Type           Days Flown

LXS 9G      EGPH         20:55            EGSS          22:15        B 737-300 QC      1-2-3-4-5
LXS 9H      EGSS          23:40            EGPH         00:55          G-CELA


Flight No    Depart        Time             Dest            Time            A/C Type         Days Flown

LXS 10J     EGPH         22:25            EGSS           23:45        B 737-300 QC     1-2-3-4-5
LXS 10K    EGSS          00:30            EGPH          01:45          G-CELZ


Flight No     Depart       Time             Dest             Time         A/C Type           Days Flown
LXS 11L       EGSS        21:30          EGPH           22:45          B 737-300F        1-2-3-4-5
LXS 11M      EGPH       23:35           EGSS           00:55          G-CELP


Flight No      Depart       Time            Dest             Time          A/C  Type          Days flown
LXS 13R      EGHH        22:55          EGNX           23:50        B 737-300F          1-2-3-4-5
LXS 13S       EGNX        01:25          EGHH           02:20         G-CELW


Flight No      Depart         Time           Dest             Time          A/C Type         Days flown
LXS 16A       EGSS            23:05        EGPH           00:25        BAE 146-300      1-2-3-4-5
LXS 16B       EGPH            01:05        EGSS           02:25         G-FLTF